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XING-YUAN engineers mainly adopt CFD model software, ANSYS computer simulation of flow field analysis software, and Solid Works 3D drawing stress analysis software, combined with years of practical experience, ensure the cyclone structure design optimization, acquire Smax series cyclonewhich include special type feeding chamber structure, 8°10°15°20°45°60°180°and multi cone structure.

XING-YUAN in view of the special slurry grading process, provide ANSYS computer simulation of flow filed calculation model selection, grading concentrate desliming laboratory service, and customized design cyclone.

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Involute feed chamber and double cone design: small resistance and low energy consumption,large capacity and high precision grading.

Definition And Principle:

Hydrocyclone is the effective separation equipment which is using centrifugal force field, accelerate the settlement of solid particles in the slurry, and also is the non-sports separation device equipment that composed by upper cylinder and lower cone.

Slurry with certain pressure and flow rate that feeding into cyclone, feeding pressure usually is 40~150Kpa, flow rate is 1.63~3m/s, when the slurry into the cyclone chamber, because of centrifugal force, centripetal force and fluid drag force are different, and under the joint action of its own gravity, the particle in the slurry along the wall spiral downward centrifugal movement, so that the solid particles under the action of centrifugal force thrown outwards, forming the outer flow. The higher the feed pressure, the greater the centrifugal force, the centrifugal force is usually several times of gravity.

Solid particle forwarding the inner wall of cyclone by outer vortex, along the cone downward spiral, then discharge from Apex, while most of the slurry up through the spiral flow and discharge from overflow pipe. Solid material from the overflow pipe is mainly fine particles. Under the certain feeding pressure and rotational speed, cyclone has a grading size, and the resistance and centrifugal force balance at this time. The particle less than grading size will discharge with liquid medium, and greater than the grading size will discharge by Apex. So the grading size is the selection standard of cyclone size, usually called pre-slit point.

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