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    You are welcome to visit the city of Foshan Gaoming Xing-Yuan Machinery Co.,Ltd website information, we feel honored for your arrival, invite you to join the Foshan Gaoming Xing-Yuan Machinery Co.,Ltd. In order to let you know the requirements of the company quickly, please read the notice carefully.
(a) how to apply: send your resume to our company mailbox, mail theme format "name + position", the human resources department to meet the requirement to inform the interview, e-mail: xy@xing-yuan.cn.
(b) for time: candidates received the interview notice, to the interview on the morning 9:30 to 12:00 to 17:00 to 13:30 in the afternoon (Monday to Friday), interview time, other non reservation staff without reception.
(c) candidates: candidates to participate in the interview to bring the ID card, diploma, degree certificate, professional and technical (skills) qualification certificates and other relevant documents and a copy of the original (1 copies), one inch color photo (2), resume (1 copies), resume without refund.
(d) for the human resources department location: Foshan Gaoming Xing-Yuan Machinery Co.,Ltd. (NO.329, Gumeng Village, Hejiang Development Zone, Gaoming , Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China)
(e) contact: please call the human resources department, Tel: 13923204852, 0757-88860308.
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