Established in 2004, Foshan Gaoming Xing-Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd, is located in the China ceramics production base, Gaoming district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. After many years development, our company has possessed strong technical accumulation, advanced production equipment, continually innovative production techniques and skilled production team. We are certified by ISO9001:2008 on October, 2009. China Compulsory Certification for our self-supporting motor and control cabinet. And our company was accredited as a high and new technology enterprise by the Chinese government in 2016. Our company is customer oriented, always sticking to the principle of quantity first, reputation first, customers first. We have established a standardized quality control system. By now our company has set sales net and after sales service center in southeast China, north China, south China and southwest China. Meanwhile, Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

     The company produces series of mineral processing equipment and provide whole line mineral processing solution: Raw ore simple experiment, process design, installation and commissioning, provide equipment and technical services...etc. Respectively applied to metal mining, non-metallic minerals, ceramics, chemicals, food, paper making, metallurgy, sewage treatment and other industries. The main product lines: Vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, Periodic electromagnetic separator, High-gradient permanent magnetic separator, permanent bar, permanent board, (vibration, air flow, rotation) screening filter, (Pneumatic, electric) fluid transportation pump and Sewage treatment equipment etc. And we can also help customer to design technological process for nonmetallic minerals bleaching and purification. Currently we are reliable manufacturer with a certain production scale, full range of production and stable quality. Product appearance, quality and performance are highly appreciated by customers.

    Xing-Yuan Company looks forwards to wining the wonderful future with you.

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E-mail:xy@xing-yuan.cn Q Q:771218555
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